Protellus Bowling Tournament 2016

On the 16th October of 2016 Protellus (M) Sdn. Bhd has organize a bowling tournament for all of its staff that has taken place in Wangsa Bowl of Wangsa Walk mall that is located in Wangsa Maju. This event was created as to ensure the Executive Chairman of Protellus, Dato’ Haji Sazaly Bin Hassan vision of the company of a having a staff that wasn’t only fit for work but also fit in term of physical and social activities. With this bowling activities, it is also the aim of the company to promote team building/harmony and boost morale among staffs as also the way to take the staff mind away of office work and providing them with leisure time for them to spend among themselves.

The tentative of the bowling is as below:

At 10.00 am, after the MC of the tournament En Jasni, had registered the games, participants were allowed to have their own trial session before the tournament started. Participants were divided into 16 groups. There were 16 lanes altogether where each group used one lane and this tournament involved three sets of games. The games are exciting, physically and mentally challenging and it requires more than a mere hand-eye coordination or luck to contribute perfect scores. All participants were using their trial session wisely to improve their forms and to avoid any mistake or injury during the tournament.

Few days before the tournament, the organizer (SAZNOR RES.) committee members had put up a lot of efforts to ensure the smooth sailing of this program. The committee has made an initial draw to determine the group members and had a meetings before the tournament to ensure everything is in place.  A big shout out and thanks to them for their contributions and the effort they have put in.

Approximately 12 o’clock in the evening, the tournament ended and all participants were allowed to have a short rest. Everyone was exhausted after the hard work.

The closing ceremony was conducted about 10 minutes later and was inaugurated by En. Esabirin, CEO of Protellus (M) Sdn Bhd.  In his speech, he appreciated and thank you to all employees who attend and join the games and informing that the price-giving will be held during the Annual Dinner Company by the Vice President Dato’ Hj Sazaly. After the speech, En.Esabirin continues on with announcing the winner’s ceremonies. All participants seem excited and eager to know the results for this bowling tournament.

The Champion for the tournament was from Team 3, Team 16 the second and third place from Team 1. For single series game, Mohd Rizal Ali from team16 won the men’s category while Ara Noraizan from Team 1 conquered the ladies category.

Around 1.00 pm, the program was ended. Praise be to Allah as everyone showed a positive feedback regarding this tournament and indeed this program was a success. We really hope that our next programs will be as successful as this and even much better.

Anyway, Congratulation and thank you to everyone who participated and organizer once again for your support and make the event successful. Looking forward to see you again next time!! Hopefully we will have more of the same or other staff engagement activities in the near future, Inshaallah. Let’s wait for update from the organizer!

Below are the winners of the event:

Result for the Games

  1. Groups

The Champion for the tournament was from Team 3

Team members:- Maisuzana / Alif Zahari / Zakaria / Nuzul Naqib

The 2nd place is from TEAM 16

Team members:- Linda Lam / Mohd Rizal Ali / Saifulnaim / Arafat

The 3rd place is from TEAM 1

Team members:- Ara Noraizan / Mohd Hareez / Zamri Ahmad / Nor Fahmi

The 4th place is from TEAM 8

Team members:- Ajeera / Aizuddin / Jasni Hassan / Hafidz Jumai

The 5th place is from TEAM 6

Team members:- Anita / Sarifuddin Sewa / Jamaludin / Imran Hardy

The 6th place is from TEAM 10

Team members:- NurAisyah / Shahrin Imran / Irwan / Amir Irsyad

2.Single series games

Men’s category:-

1. Mohd Rizal Ali

2. Aizuddin

3. Azrul Azizi

4. Zakaria

Women’s category:-

1.Ara Noraizan




The winner will receive their prize of the competition later after the tournament.

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