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Enriching Telecommunication, M&E, ICT and construction services with innovative world-class technology.


To create a sustainable business environment through professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

To invest and nurture a team of highly motivated people with the unrelenting pursuit to excel.

To drive our people with the highest commitment to our clients, our industry, our employees and our share holders.


Protellus is committed to meeting the business needs of our clients through the effective application of information systems technology. In ensuring that proposed solutions are based on business objectives, we work closely with our client to ensure that all project goals are understood and met. At the core of this approach is the development of an effective communications process to ensure that projects meet the quality, scheduling, budget, and user requirements of all stakeholders involved.


Protellus strength lies on the following components:

  • Competent and formally trained staff in various disciplines and platforms.
  • Knowledgeable and committed sales personnel.
  • Complete and integrated solutions with modular implementation.
  • Independent solution provider with strong alliances with multiple vendors and principals.
  • Multi-platform solutions to cater for diversified customers.
  • Full in-house and local support.